3D Textured Wall Décor

Staab Décor Supplies & installs 3D Boards & Textured wall décor panels to domestic & commercial customers all over Australia.

View Our Ranges below & contact us for more design, colours or covering options. 

There is a wide range of patterns, textures & finishes in the 3D Textured Wall Décor range. 

Some are raw and can then be painted in your choice of paint colour. Whist others have coverings.   Pre-finished coloured boards are similar to a vinyl wrap. Whilst  PU leather & fabric boards & paneling are often padded textured boards that are soft to the touch with a slight spring back.  Making them perfect for areas that require acoustic properties. 

3D Boards & panels can be used in domestic & commercial applications.  These 3d wall panels will add modern glamour & creativity to any interior decoration project.

The use of panels on both small-scale and commercial projects will definitely grow further with the growth of unique innovations and design ideas.

 Ask Staab Décor to support you with your innovations in designing the ideal dream design of your choice.

Contact us for an installation in Melbourne for home & commercial applications. 

Bladette 3D Tile
Paintable 3D Tiles
Pre Finished Boards
Leather / Fabric 3D
Large Flexible Leather Panel reception
Large Sheet 3D Paneling Hotel reception
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