Eco Timber

Eco Timber Wall & Floor Cladding

Create a real looking timber appearance on Walls & Ceilings Easily  using eco-timbers.   

Staab’s range of eco timber looks and patterns, to give your project a distinctive real-timber richness.

, real timber look using sustainable, recycled timber for your interior or exterior cladding project. You’ll delight clients who require an environmentally friendly product.

Staab Eco Timber cladding options are lightweight and easy to install – perfect for walls, ceilings, decking and posts.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight construction 
  • Easy Installation

Available as  

  • Wall Panel & Ceiling 
  • SPC Flooring
  • Decking 
  • Posts 

Contact us to see the range in person.

Eco Timber Cladding
Eco Timber
Eco Timber Walnut
Eco Timber Cladding
Eco Timber Cladding
Eco Timber Catalogue
Eco Timber Cladding Bracket
How To Install Eco-Timber