Stainless Steel Metal Panels

Stainless Steel Metal Panels

Stainless steel metal panels are suitable for interior & exterior applications. Commonly used on walls, ceilings, and being curved around staircases they have been embraced by the building & decorating industry in Australia. 

These metal panels add 3D dimension depth & light to any design project.  Making them a great solution for both domestic ( home decorating) & Commercial applications. 

Stainless steel has good properties of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, hot working performance. This is why Water ripple panels have been successfully used in cities such as  Dubai, Doha, Hongkong which are close to Sea & have a hot climate.

Metal Water Wave Panel: water wave effect occurs after the stainless steel surface is polished and pressed, with the help of light refraction, surrounding reflections, creates a superb visual effect. It is suitable for the hotel lobby, corridor, canopy ceiling, interior wall, façade. Material thickness: 0.6mm-5.0mm, width within 1500mm and max length is 6000mm. We are the first company who design water wave series metals.

There is not repeat pattern in the whole area and the design is natural, smoothly

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Metal panels are easy to handle and easy to be maintained.

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Metal panels on Coutner
Metal Panels on Counter
Stailess Steel Stair case
Water Ripple Stainless Steel Stairs
Araura Metal Cladding
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Gold Ripple Panel
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Rose Ripple Metal Panel
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Stainless Steel Metal Panel Options

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Water Ripple Metal Panel
Water Ripple 4 Metal Panel
Water Ripple Steel 001
Water Ripple Steel 001
Water Ripple C002
Stainless Steel Ripple C002
Stainless Steel Metal panels B6
Water Ripple B006
Water Ripple b002
Water Ripple b002
Big wave Metal
Big wave Metal Panel
Crinkle Metal Panel
Crinkle Metal Panel
Bigwave pattern
Big wave Metal Panel