Wall Murals

Wall murals are a fun way to decorate any space.

Wall murals are different from wallpaper as they often have a photo or image that is not repeating or is so large in scale that the pattern is not obvious.  this makes murals a very appealing option for wallcoverings.

Murals come in a variety of materials & price points.  Some may also be able to be fully customised and ordered to fit specific areas.  This often appeals to many of our commercial clients where spaces are often larger than the standard that is on offer and or need particular colours or finishes for specific projects.

Here is a small offering of some of the wall murals available.

Please contact us for more options or to discuss your specific requirements.


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Made to Order Compact Floral
General Bulldog Collection Mural
Customised Catalogue Wall Murals Made to Order Wall Decor
Natural Murals
Natural Murals
Lush Tropical Wall Mural



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